Over a hundred new employees joined SBM after systematic, professional training

 After receiving half a month's induction, SBM’s new employees recruited in 2014 were assigned to their posts recently. It is learnt that this induction lasted 19 days and lectures were given by 34 instructors, covering military training, induction guidance, knowledge about product, study tours, and closing examination.

According to SBM’s latest five-year plan, recruitment will be one of the company's three focused tasks. New employees will be targeted for specific jobs since they join the company and active efforts will be made to look for talents. From the perspective of culture, the company highlights respect for humanity and values. In addition, SBM brought out an original "concrete" human management philosophy, placing emphasis on the construction of multi-level human resources and maintenance of a reasonable ratio. Through special growth centers, project team and other measures, SBM provides employees with adequate space for development.


At the meeting with these new employees, the chairman addressed them, saying that people should be diligent, humble, liberal, and tolerant; opportunities must be created, searched, awaited and grasped. SBM will provide a broad platform and channel for the development of its employees, and hopes that the new employees will soon grow to become a backbone force in SBM’s daring journey towards a long-lasting company!

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