PF series impact crusher

PF series impact crusher

PF series impact crusher can take advantage of the impact of broken material. High-speed rotation of the rotor driven by the electric motor, the board hammer from the inlet into the materials and the impact crusher on the rotor, by the high-speed impact crusher is broken; the crushed material to the liner has been broken back again; and finally from the discharge port.

[Feed size]: 250-500mm

[Capacity]: 50-220T / h

[Applications]: Metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, sand processing and other fields. (More applications, please click on the "free consultation")

[Applicable materials]: For a variety of soft, medium hard ore broken, crushing operations, such as: limestone feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, fluorite, rare earth, kaolin, coke, coal, gypsum, etc.

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The impact crusher machine crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, the rotor has a large moment of inertia, low energy consumption; high chromium plate hammer, impact crusher, abrasion resistance, effectively extending the service life of wearing parts.

Simple machine structure, mainly by housing, rotor and back plates. Through from the top device can quickly open racks, machine replacement parts for maintenance operations; between the rotor and spindle expansion sleeve keyless access, easy maintenance, economical and reliable.

The top of the impact crusher machine is equipped with a spout adjustment device, you can simply adjust quick counterattack board and the board hammer gap, control the material size; shape of the finished grade standard cube, no tension cracks, grain shape is good, in line with all types of sand and gravel aggregate.


Impact Crusher Works

This series of products can take advantage of the impact crusher of broken material. When working in a high-speed rotation of the rotor driven by the motor, from the mouth of the feed material into the rotor plate hammer hit by the high-speed impact crusher is broken; the crushed material has been broken once again back to the liner; finally discharged from the discharge port. Gap adjustment between impact rack and rotor frame materials can achieve the change the shape of the expected size and material purposes.

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