Crawler mobile cone crusher plant

Crawler mobile cone crusher plant

Shanghai Shibang crawler mobile cone crusher station is based on many years of experience in the development and production of mobile crushing station, the user needs to meet the higher absorption of foreign advanced technology developed mobile crushing fully hydraulic crawler mobile crushing station . This type of equipment broke the previous electric drive mode, using crawler, equipment installation and production operations, higher energy efficiency and control of non-electrically driven hydraulic and other strong.

[Feed size]: 1 - 720mm

[Capacity]: 100 - 550t / h

[Applications]:Metal ore crusher, stone crushing and construction solid waste disposal (more applications, please click on the "free consultation")

[Applicable materials]:Ferrous metal ore, non-ferrous ore; river gravel, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, diabase, basalt; construction waste, concrete pavement peeling.

  • mobile cone crusher ld
  • mobile cone crusher ld


Mobile cone Crusher use of higher strength monolithic frame, uniform mass distribution, equipment reasonably compact layout, with full control of the hydraulic system, the device uses a more flexible and controllable; equipped Shibang host of advanced equipment, high production efficiency

Crawler hydraulic drive control, equipment installation and production operations, drive more smoothly and continuously variable transmission can be achieved, more flexible and better regulation; multiple protection devices to configure load sensing control system, system flow output on demand, setting, control smarter, reduce energy consumption, safe.

Root device is equipped with a high-performance turbo-charged diesel engine, strong power; thanks to heavy tracked chassis, good grounding aircraft performance, with high-quality travel gear components and powerful driving force, basically meet the requirements of the harsh conditions of climbing

Device can either work alone, you can and other fixed or mobile device flexible configuration combinations; at the same time, the aircraft compact, narrow space for a good adaptation, but can be adjusted according to the requirements of the operating position at any time.



Shanghai Shibang crawler mobile cone crushing station by crawler chassis, frame assembly, host and auxiliary equipment, electric power systems and hydraulic control system. When moving, providing power through the power system, electronically controlled by a hydraulic drive system control crawler chassis walk; when installing electric power system through the hydraulic control system controls the drive cylinders and other movements, auto-complete equipment installation; work, electrical power system through the hydraulic drive and control the host control system and auxiliary equipment work, the material from the hopper into the mounted on a tracked chassis and frame of the host after crushing or screening, with integrated belt machine discharge.

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