Tailings treatment production line

Tailings treatment production line

The customer's production line is located in a neighborhood of Hebei iron ore production line for iron ore crushing dry polishing material processing. Finished mainly used sand, magnetic iron ore sales to get concentrator.

Production line is stable, impact crusher broken broken tailings good results, although slightly worn consumables. Magnetic iron ore obtained also brings additional economic benefits.

—- Tailings disposal sites Leader tread

Construction waste recovery and recycling not only to protect the environment and reduce the impact on the environment, the use of scientific management and effective measures to minimization and recycling, construction can also save a lot of money and resources. Many construction waste by sorting waste, after removing or crushed, mostly as a renewable resource reuse. Such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories, such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentration, after re-melted, can be processed into a variety of steel products manufacturing; after brick, stone, concrete and other waste by crushing, may be able to sand for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, hit a concrete pad, etc., can also be used to produce blocks, pavement bricks, tiles and other building materials plaid.

Production flow chart

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